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Wi-NOx™ Tailpipe Emission Monitoring for Vehicles

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Emissions Reduction

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Wi-NOx™ | AI-powered, IoT-driven, Tailpipe Emissions Monitoring for Vehicles

Vehicle emissions are more than just pollution. They contain unique data signatures that are rich with information about the driver, the vehicle, the fuel, the pollution and the environmental impact. At SensorComm, we extract, analyze and transform those data signatures into real-time business intelligence. Wi-NOx™ monitors NOx emissions at the exhaust tailpipe (where pollution enters the environment) and provides transportation managers with emissions reduction, fuel savings and extended asset life.

SensorComm’s technology roadmap includes ongoing development of additional gases and configurations.

Wi-NOx™ System

Value in savings, efficiencies and capabilities.

Wi-NOx™ | Global Pilot Programs

Applicability and impact testing on four continents Transforming asset management from reactive… to predictive… to preemptive. Partial list of pilot programs performed by SensorComm.

United Kingdom





New Mexico

New York






Pilot Programs To Scaled Deployments

SensorComm operates in the energy & transportation markets with emission monitoring & leak detection solutions for the oil & gas and intelligent transportation sectors. Multi-gas sensor systems for fixed & mobile applications are available for pilot programs that can lead to scaled deployments. We work with a wide range of public & private entities. Let us know how we can work with you, too.