Pollution & Leak Detection for Transportation & Energy

Early-Warning Alert System Provides System-Level Operational Efficiencies for Tailpipe Emissions & Pipeline Leaks

image of transportation sector for emissions monitoring

Intelligent Transportation
Wi-NOx™ | NOx Emissions

image of energy sector for emissions monitoring

Natural Gas Infrastructure
M3System™ | CH4 Leak Alerts

AI, early warning alert system, sensor platform, internet of things components for SensorComm emission monitoring systems

Multi-Gas Sensor Technology
Real-Time Actionable Intelligence

image depicting pollution hotspots and fingerprinting of emission gases

Pollution Hotspots | Fleets
Disadvantaged Communities

A Better, More Sustainable World…

SENSORCOMM TECHNOLOGIES and its partners are building a better, more sustainable world with early-warning alert systems that provide system-level operational efficiencies from monitoring vehicle pollution (tailpipe emissions) and methane leaks (natural gas pipeline infrastructure) in the transportation and oil & gas sectors. Our systems provide information and actionable intelligence leading to efficiencies that enable people to make smarter decisions for themselves, and the world around them.


SensorComm Platform Diagram

END-TO-END SOLUTION: SensorComm has built an end-to-end, multi-gas, IoT sensor platform (including analytics) to continuously monitor and support mitigation strategies for vehicle emissions and pipeline leaks. An optional secure communication system for monitoring critical (e.g. national security) infrastructure can be utilized for select applications.

image depicting sensorcomm's hardware, communications and analytics system

Wi-NOx™ | CAPABILITIES | tailpipe emissions – vehicles

  • Identifies polluting vehicles
  • Reduces emissions (NOx footprint)
  • Fuel savings (up to 3-5% per vehicle)
  • Extends asset life (efficiencies)
  • Prioritize & transition (to electric)
  • Validate models (planning)
  • GHG diagnostics (proxy for CO2)
  • Pilots to scaled deployments

M3System™ | CAPABILITIES | pipeline leaks – natural gas infrastructure

  • Identifies emission leaks/sources
  • Real-time gas/pipeline leak alerts
  • Early-warning system (IoT)
  • Provides laboratory-grade data
  • Differentiates (infrastructure, wetlands, ag)
  • Allows unattended field measurements
  • Fixed & mobile applications
  • Pilots to scaled deployments

SUPER POLLUTERS vs MICRO-POLLUTERS | micro-polluters produce 2x to 3x more pollution than super polluters

image depicting super polluters versus micro-polluters
  • Satellites are now managing super-polluters, but super-polluters only contribute 8-12% of the total pollution
  • A larger and more difficult problem is dealing with micro-polluters
  • Micro-polluters in the transportation sector alone contribute 27% of the greenhouse gases (GHGs)
  • Focus: locate, identify, and quantify sources of micro-pollution so mitigation strategies can be developed and implemented
  • Examples of micro-polluters: cars, trucks, buses, oil wells

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Wi-NOx™ Mobile Pollution Monitoring System

Wi-NOx™ System Receives Climate Change Innovator Award

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