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Smart IoT Solutions: SensorComm is building a better, more sustainable world with smart IoT solutions for transportation, healthcare and energy. We provide Wi-NOx™ pollution monitoring systems for vehicles, EvexiaBand™ temperature monitoring for COVID-19 and emission sensing for natural gas infrastructure. Our systems provide information and intelligence, leading to efficiencies that enable individuals to make smarter choices for themselves, and the world around them.

Free Access: SensorComm’s recently released review paper Temperature Monitoring Applications for COVID-19 Pandemic – Year One Review” is available for instant download. Topics include: research projects, new technologies, early-warning systems, innovations, future applications, and what’s possible now

NOx emissions monitoring unlocks business intelligence and operational efficiencies for transportation managers and drivers

Wi-NOx™ is SensorComm’s IoT-based NOx emissions monitoring system. Installed at the tailpipe, Wi-NOx™ captures the real-time pollution footprint of vehicles and provides operational efficiencies (fuel savings, emissions reduction, and extended asset life), that contribute to cleaner air, lower healthcare costs and improved quality of life.

EvexiaBand™ provides temperature anomaly alerts, potentially before a person becomes symptomatic with COVID-19*

EvexiaBand™ smart wearable technology provides temperature anomaly alerts, potentially before a person becomes symptomatic with COVID-19. The system identifies your personal temperature profile and provides insights into your overall well-being. EvexiaBand™ is wrist-worn, non-invasive, non-disruptive and maintains privacy. The IoT-based early warning capability is like a check-engine light for people. If something suddenly changes, it may indicate the need to investigate further (e.g. with a qualified healthcare provider).

*This device is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied upon for any medical purpose. The measurements provided by this device are for reference purposes only. Consult your doctor or qualified healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns about your situation.

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