AI-Powered Emission Monitoring Solutions

NET-ZERO Measurement Technology for The Global Energy Transition

Fingerprinting Emissions

Detecting Emissions

Quantifying Emissions

Optimizing Emissions

Reducing Emissions

A Multi-Gas Sensor Platform for The Global Energy Transition

SensorComm is working to build a better, more sustainable world with NET-ZERO Measurement Technology for the global energy transition. Our AI-powered, IoT-driven emission monitoring solutions utilize a Multi-Gas Sensor Platform that measures, quantifies and provides real-time actionable intelligence for system-level operational efficiencies and early-warning alert systems.

SensorComm’s technology roadmap includes ongoing development of additional gases and configurations.

End-To-End Solution

SensorComm has built an end-to-end, multi-gas, sensor solution with an optional secure communications network to access new markets (national security, critical infrastructure & military) and add value to existing ones.

Applications & End-Users

Applications Include: process optimization, leak detection, emissions monitoring, flare management, predictive analytics, quality control & regulatory, and methane destruction.

End-Users Include: industrial & pharmaceutical manufacturing, oil & gas refining, energy production & distribution, mass transit & fleets, and renewable transportation.

Smarter Choices

SensorComm enables people to make smarter choices for themselves, and the world around them. Our emission monitoring solutions for climate change help facilitate the global energy transition from fossil fuels to decarbonization. Our systems provide information and intelligence leading to efficiencies that contribute to cleaner air, lower healthcare costs, and improved quality of life.

Commercialization & Solution Partners

SensorComm (SCT) is the commercialization partner for The University of New Mexico’s (UNM) Center for Micro-Engineered Materials (CMEM) and exclusive global licensing partner of UNM sensor technology. Together, the team is creating a next-generation sensor platform that identifies, quantifies and differentiates multiple gases in a single package. SCT and CMEM are part of a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funded program to provide remote data sensing and analysis for natural gas infrastructure leak detection. This work has expanded with SCT’s recent announcement of a new hydrogen (H2) sensor technology to help power America’s hydrogen future.

SensorComm is an Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance partner and a Cisco® Solution Partner Program member. SCT’s Wi-NOx™ pollution monitoring technology has been showcased at the Cisco® Indy Autonomous Challenge and is a Cisco® Validated Design. Wi-NOx™ is recipient of the CES Las Vegas “Climate Change Innovator Award”. SCT has completed applicability, impact and pilot program testing on four continents.

SensorComm’s next-generation sensor platform differentiates and identifies multiple gases in a single package.

Pilot Programs To Scaled Deployments

SensorComm operates in the energy & transportation markets with emission monitoring & leak detection solutions for the oil & gas and intelligent transportation sectors. Multi-gas sensor systems for fixed & mobile applications are available for pilot programs that can lead to scaled deployments. We work with a wide range of public & private entities. Let us know how we can work with you, too.