SensorComm Technologies Selects Exclusive Philippine Distributor for Data-Centric Care™ COVID-19 Smart Wearable System

Identifies potentially at-risk individuals from fluctuations in their baseline temperature profiles

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – 27 OCTOBER 2020 – SensorComm Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”, “SensorComm” or “SCT”) with offices in New Mexico and California (USA) is pleased to announce it has awarded exclusive distribution (the “Exclusivity Appointment”) to Eagral Business Solutions (“EBS”) to provide the Company’s Data-Centric Care™ COVID-19 smart wearable system for sale and use in the Philippine market.

Smart wearable identifies potentially at-risk individuals from fluctuations in their baseline temperature profiles.

Early warning system for COVID-19 (and beyond). Data-Centric Care™ is a smart wearable early-warning system for COVID-19 based on (near) continuous temperature monitoring. The system identifies potentially at-risk individuals from fluctuations in their baseline temperature profiles. Secondary COVID-19 screening by a local (or virtual) qualified health care provider (“QHCP”) can then determine an appropriate response (return to work, isolate, seek elevated care). Data-Centric Care™ is non-invasive (wrist-worn), non-disruptive (discreet) and maintains privacy. Temperature is monitored based on an ID number associated with each smart wearable device, not the person’s name. Only the issuing entity (e.g. employer) maintains names/ID numbers.

A check engine light for people. “Data-Centric Care™ provides a path to personalized healthcare monitoring,” stated Kamil Agi, Ph.D., President and CEO of SensorComm. “Individualized temperature and fever thresholds can now be used to more accurately identify at-risk individuals. This predictive capability acts like the check engine light on your car to alert people of potential COVID-19 symptoms, before they become symptomatic.”

A viable, measurable and comprehensive solution. “EBS looks forward to working with SensorComm,” commented James Russell, Managing Director of EBS. “Our team is focused on bringing a viable, measurable and comprehensive solution for identifying at-risk individuals for COVID-19 and beyond to the Philippines.”

Additional information will be made available in future news releases.

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About SensorComm Technologies: SensorComm is building a better, more sustainable world with smart IoT solutions for transportation, healthcare and energy. We provide Wi-NOx™ pollution monitoring systems for vehicles, Data-Centric Care™ for COVID-19 (EvexiaBand™) and emission sensing for natural gas infrastructure. Our systems provide information and intelligence leading to efficiencies that enable individuals to make smarter choices for themselves, and the world around them.

Source: SensorComm Technologies, Inc.

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