SensorComm Begins Pilot Program To Monitor Vehicle Emissions In California

NOx specific pollution monitoring of vehicles enables prioritization and transition to advanced energy communities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 24 January 2022 – SensorComm Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”, “SensorComm” or “SCT”) with offices in California and New Mexico (USA), is pleased to announce the launch of a NOx specific pilot program to monitor vehicle emissions as part of the Bassett-Avocado Heights Advanced Energy Community (“BAAEC”) in California (the “Pilot”).

The 2022 Pilot, which is part of a larger California Energy Commission (“CEC”) grant being led by The Energy Coalition (“TEC”), will monitor a cross-section of vehicles driven in and around the BAAEC area. Acquisition of baseline emissions data for boundary and major roadways has been completed. Ongoing data acquisition will focus on intelligence that enables planning, prioritization and transition to advanced energy communities.

SensorComm launches NOx specific pilot program to monitor vehicle emissions in California.

Learn more about BAAEC, SensorComm’s NOx specific Pilot program and the air quality initiative that is currently underway in Bassett and Avocado Heights, California at

Additional information will be made available in future news releases.

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About SensorComm Technologies: SensorComm is building a better, more sustainable world with smart IoT solutions for transportation, healthcare and energy. We provide Wi-NOx™ pollution monitoring systems for vehicles, Data-Centric Care™ for COVID-19 (EvexiaBand™) and emission sensing for natural gas infrastructure. Our systems provide information and intelligence leading to efficiencies that enable individuals to make smarter choices for themselves, and the world around them.

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About The Energy Coalition: The Energy Coalition (TEC) is a California-based 501(c)3 nonprofit with over 45 years of experience designing and implementing strategies that transform energy use, generate capital and inspire people to take responsible energy actions. By bringing ideas, technology, and expertise to public agencies, businesses, educators, and more, TEC is creating the building blocks for a new energy economy. Learn more at

Source: SensorComm Technologies, Inc.

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