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Protect Yourself and Others at Home and Work.
Receive Temperature Anomaly

…potentially before becoming symptomatic with COVID-19 (and beyond).

The EvexiaBand™ system is a wearable device, an application and a subscription-based alert system.

EvexiaBand™ is a smart wearable technology* that provides temperature anomaly alerts, potentially before a person becomes symptomatic with COVID-19. The system identifies your personal temperature profile and provides insights into your overall well-being. EvexiaBand™ is wrist-worn, non-invasive, non-disruptive and maintains privacy. The IoT-based early warning capability is like a check-engine light for people. If something suddenly changes, it may indicate the need for further investigation (e.g. with a qualified healthcare provider).

By identifying individuals that have movement in their personal temperature profile (referred to as anomalies), the person can be alerted. This early warning capability enables the user to take preventative measures that can help slow the spread of COVID-19.


EvexiaBand™ provides increased confidence for safe and sustainable return to work and school. It features data-driven decisions and response. The early-warning detection provides identification of potentially at-risk individuals based on their personal temperature profile. This encourages a model of direct accountability that benefits users, families, and communities (i.e. social responsibility – “do your part”).

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