• Smartwatch Temperature Tracker
  • Smartphone Application
  • Early-Warning Alert System

Receive Temperature Anomaly Alerts Potentially Before
Becoming Symptomatic With COVID-19 (and beyond).

Protect your immediate family & your wider social & professional networks…

Expedite the Transition to a Post-COVID World

Monitor your temperature on a (near) continuous basis.

EvexiaBand™ is a smart wearable device, an application and a subscription-based (earlywarning) alert system that provides temperature anomaly alerts — potentially before the wearer becomes symptomatic with an illness (COVID-19 and beyond). The system is wrist-worn, non-invasive, non-disruptive and maintains privacy. Provides increased confidence for safe and sustainable return to work, school and travel.

EvexiaBand™ Use Cases | Health Monitoring for Service Providers

Service interactions (one-to-many) create significant risk for spread of illness.

One service provider (if ill) can expose hundreds of customers each day. EvexiaBand™ smartwatch temperature tracker is used to monitor individual service providers and supplement (not replace) current wellness protocols.

Personal Temperature Profile: Data-driven decisions identify potentially at-risk individuals and provide insights into your overall well-being. EvexiaBand’s early-warning capability is like a check-engine light for people. When changes are identified in your personal temperature profile, it may indicate the need for further care (e.g. with a qualified healthcare provider). This encourages a model of direct accountability that benefits users, families, and communities.

*This device is not intended to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, nor is it intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition, and should not be relied upon for any medical purpose. Temperature anomaly alerts, and use of other features and functionality, are for information and education purposes only. User is responsible for further evaluation/response. User response (if any) is at user discretion and may include, but not be limited to: social distancing, self-isolation, mask wearing, self-quarantine, COVID testing, and/or speaking with a doctor or qualified health care provider.

Which Vehicles are Polluting?

Millions of premature worldwide deaths each year.

PROBLEM: NOx is a pollutant coming from the tailpipe of vehicles contributing to millions of premature worldwide deaths each year. Asthma, cancer and heart disease (accelerators for COVID-19 mortality) have shown significant increases as a result of NOx pollution. Mobile sources are responsible for up to 80% of NOx emissions. Since we don’t know who (specifically) is polluting, how can we fix it?

Wi-NOx™ Diagnostics | Prioritization & Transition of Infrastructure Changeover

Fuel consumption. GHG emissions. Measurable air quality benefits.

• Real-time feedback | driver engagement
• Fuel savings 3 to 5% (up to 15% w/mitigation)
• Fuel quality (for fleet optimization)

• 80% of transportation pollution comes from 20% of vehicles
• How do we find/isolate/transition the (20%) at a reasonable cost?
• IoT monitoring/diagnostics for intelligent transportation systems

• Tailpipe NOx emissions monitoring (real-time)
• Proxy for CO2 and other gases
• Climate Change Innovator Award (CES, NSF, EPA)

• Emissions monitoring of transit, service and hybrid vehicles
• Validation and quantification of current modeling efforts (e.g. air quality)
• Enables planning and infrastructure changeover

Identify: which vehicles are polluting?
Quantify: how much pollution?
Prioritize: transition to electric vehicles

Wi-NOx™ | Global Pilot Programs*

Transforming asset management from reactive… to predictive… to preemptive.

Applicability and Impact Testing on Four Continents

Partial list of pilot programs performed by SensorComm.






New York

New Mexico





United Kingdom

WI-NOX™ | System

Value in savings, efficiencies and capabilities.

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