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Thank you for your purchase. The EvexiaBand (“smart device”)* will provide you with daily monitoring of your personal temperature profile.

Compatible OS and requirements: Android 4.4 and above; Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

Charge smart device for 2 to 2.5 hours before first use. Insert charging port into standard (user-provided) USB port on a computer, power bank, charging block, etc. Battery progress bar will appear on the screen. All solid lights indicate full charge.

The smart device is managed through a series of long (HOLD) (to activate functions) and short (TAP) (to advance through functions) presses on the input sensor.

Turn ON: HOLD input sensor until smart device vibrates.
Select DISPLAY SCREEN: HOLD input sensor until smart device vibrates. TAP to reach the desired display screen. #5 is the temperature readout.
Turn OFF: TAP input sensor 13 times to reach FUNCTION. TAP input sensor 6 times to reach OFF. HOLD input sensor until smart device vibrates and turns off.

Additional Functions (number designates the TAPS required to reach function)

1 – Pedometer, information only
2 – Calories, information only
3 – Distance, information only
4 – Heart Rate, HOLD to activate and stop
5 – Blood Pressure, HOLD to activate and stop
6 – Blood Oxygen, HOLD to activate and stop
7 – Immune Ref, HOLD to activate and stop
8 – Temp Ref, information only
9 – ECG, HOLD to activate. After successful measurement, HOLD to stop
10 – Sleep, information only
11 – Message, HOLD to activate, TAP to scroll through messages, HOLD to stop
12 – Sports, HOLD to activate, TAP to select activity, HOLD to stop
13 – Function, HOLD to activate, TAP to select activity, HOLD to stop
“Back” activity will return to main Function screen

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WARNING! Children swallowing risk. Keep children away from smart device.

WARNING! Some USB charging units may not be compatible with smart device. If smart device generates excessive heat during charging process, unplug and let cool. Replace chosen (user-provided) USB charging unit (i.e. charging block) with a different USB charging unit, or charge using a computer USB port.

WARNING! Risk of fire/explosion or chemical burns. This product contains a lithium polymer battery. Do not remove, disassemble, throw into fire or short the battery. Do not dispose as general household waste. Dispose in accordance with local environmental laws.

CAUTION! Do not drop smart device. Protect from impact. Do not expose smart device to extreme temperatures. Protect from direct sunlight. Do not use any strong chemical, abrasive or foam cleaning materials. Protect display from hard objects.

PRECAUTIONS: Waterproof rating is IP67. Long term diving or use while showering is not recommended.

For more information visit: https://sensorcommtech.com/eb-info/

*This smart device is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied upon for any medical purpose. The measurements provided by this smart device are for reference purposes only. Consult your doctor or qualified healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns about your situation.

LAST UPDATED: June 4, 2021

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    EvexiaBand™ FAQ

    Press and hold the input sensor (shown below) and the screen should light up. If the device does not turn on, charge the device using a standard USB charging block or computer using the USB charging port.

    You will see sequential charging lights on the display screen when the device is charging. There will be four (4) lights and they will be each turning on and then turning off in sequence. When all the lights are solid, the device is fully charged. If there are no lights, try inverting the device in the charging block (device may be upside down in the charging block and not making contact with the USB charging connections. If no lights appear even after inverting the device, contact your local service center.

    Press the input sensor and the screen should change. Keep tapping the input sensor until you see the FUNCTION screen. Press and hold the input sensor to enter the FUNCTION menu. From here keep tapping the input sensor until you see the OFF screen. Press and hold the input sensor until the unit turns off.

    No. The wearable device works with the EvexiaBand™ mobile phone app as a stand alone pair. However, we strongly recommend getting the subscription (even for the short term). The subscription provides specific alerts based on the user’s personal temperature profile, rather than population thresholds provided in the app. The alerts provide insights into the individual’s well-being.

    The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on most android devices.

    You will need the MAC address for the unit. It can be found on the shipping box.

    In order to sync the watch with the application, make sure the watch is on. Then either using the SEARCH button on the top right of the app (may not work with all android devices). If a list appears, look for a device called T1S. Make sure the MAC address on the T1S is the same as the MAC address provided on the shipping box (and the last six digits match the MAC address on the watch). Click this device and it should populate the MAC address window on the app.

    On some devices, the MAC address may need to be entered manually. The format of the MAC address is an alpha-numeric sequence in the form of:


    The MAC address can be found on the device box that the unit was shipped/provided in.

    Once the MAC address is populated, press the “save” button. Then press connect to watch. The message should read – press “sync device” button. Press the sync device button (it will take about 5 seconds for the sync device button to become active). The watch will then vibrate/buzz 5 times. This initiates the sync process. When complete, the message on the app will read “upload complete.” Please make sure that an internet connection is available prior to syncing the watch. You can then press the “get graph” button to see the data (see figures above).

    Specific owner’s manuals are not provided with the system. However, additional information can be found at: