Wi-NOx™ Mobile Pollution Monitoring System

PROBLEM: Transportation plays a major role in global air pollution. NOx is a pollutant coming from the tailpipe of vehicles contributing to millions of premature worldwide deaths each year. Mobile sources are responsible for up to 80% of NOx emissions. Since we don’t know who (specifically) is polluting, how can we fix it?

CHALLENGE: How do we identify specific polluting vehicles? How do transportation managers identify mobile emissions at a reasonable cost?

SOLUTION: Wi-NOx™ is SensorComm’s IoT-based NOx emissions monitoring system. Installed at the tailpipe, Wi-NOx™ provides transportation managers with real-time business intelligence by capturing the pollution footprint of vehicles. Operational efficiencies of up to 15% include fuel savings, predictive maintenance and performance optimization.

Real-Time Business Intelligence for Transportation Managers

  • Identification of Polluting Vehicles

  • Emissions Reduction

  • Fuel Savings & Quality

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Performance Optimization

  • Driver Feedback/Direct Accountability

  • Reduction of Vehicular Theft

Climate Change is Driving Innovative Business Solutions

Wi-NOx™ is designed for transportation managers who are investing in IoT solutions that provide operational efficiencies and contribute to cleaner air, lower healthcare costs and improved quality of life.