ALBUQUERQUE, NM, SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 – SensorComm Technologies, Inc. (the “Company” or “SensorComm”) is pleased to announce the Company has been selected to attend the 2015 Global Clean Vehicle Summit (“GCVS2015”) in Changzhou, China between the 22nd and 24th of September, 2015. The US-China Clean Tech Center (“UCCTC”) has selected 20 companies from the US and 7 companies from Israel and is sponsoring them to present at the Summit.

The Summit will be the first professional international conference in China, the world’s largest car market, dedicated to “clean” and “green” cars. GCVS2015 aims to promote international cooperation in clean vehicle technology, advance policy and marketing exchanges, and encourage clean vehicle development and manufacturing in China and around the world. The Summit will be co-hosted by the Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (“iCET”), the U.S.-China Clean Tech Center (UCCTC), and Jiangsu Wujin Hi-tech Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

Kamil Agi, Ph.D., Chairman of SensorComm stated: “SensorComm recognizes the magnitude of the opportunity in China. With known issues in air quality and an economy shifting away from export and into consumption, China is facing the same problems that the US did back in the late 70’s and 80s. One advantage China has today is that they are opening the doors to innovations that companies like SensorComm can bring to them. This conference provides the platform we are looking for to accelerate partnerships and understanding of the Chinese marketplace.“

GCVS2015 will be held in the Clover International Exhibition Center of Changzhou from September 22nd to 24th. The Summit will have six major events, including the Industry Forum and the High-level Policy and Innovation Seminar, which will be joined by leaders from global political and business circles. Other events include the release of the Smog Index for 2015 cars, China Green Car 2015 Award Ceremony, Global Clean Vehicle Technology Showcase and Investment Pitching, Clean Vehicle Exhibition, as well as the Lakeside Test Drive.

With the support of US Department of Commerce, UCCTC will organize a U.S. clean car technology trade delegation to visit China, and arrange high-level Sino-U.S. clean car talks. The Summit will also work with Israel EcoMotion to host an Israeli clean transportation, innovation, and technology delegation to assist Israeli companies seeking technical and financial partners in China.

Additional information will be made available in future news releases.

SensorComm Technologies, Inc.

ABOUT SENSORCOMM TECHNOLOGIES: SensorComm’s IoT-based NOx monitoring system (Wi-NOx™) captures the real-time pollution footprint of vehicles in the transportation/smart city segments providing predictive maintenance, performance and driver behavior information via a smartphone app.

​Wi-NOx™ monitors NOx emissions at the point of origin (vehicle tailpipe) where pollution enters the environment and operates independently of the vehicle. Applicability and impact testing for IoT pollution monitoring has been completed on four continents. Global rollout is underway. Read SensorComm’s Forward-Looking Statement at:

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