RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – 06 NOVEMBER 2019 – SensorComm Technologies, Inc. (the “Company” or “SensorComm”) with offices in New Mexico and California (USA) is pleased to announce it is advancing the implementation of the Company’s Mobile Pollution Monitoring System (“Wi-NOx™”) in configurations specific for the Brazilian transportation and smart city markets. 

“Implementing a Wi-NOx™ solution targeted toward the unique needs of the Brazilian market is an extension of our Natural EcoSystem™,” stated Kamil Agi, Ph.D., President and CEO of SensorComm. “The Natural EcoSystem™ combines public and private partnerships, localized manufacturing, and collaboration with local companies and universities”.

natural ecosystem diagram

Vehicle emissions are a leading cause of air pollution and climate change contributing to health and respiratory issues including asthma and even premature deaths. Wi-NOx™ is the cornerstone of a global pollution mitigation strategy providing predictive maintenance, performance and driver behavior information.

Spearheading the Company’s advancement into the Brazilian and South American markets is Ramiro Jordan, Ph.D.. In addition to serving as a Board Member for SensorComm Technologies, Dr. Jordan is the Associate Dean of the School of Engineering for Global Initiatives, he is Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Mexico. He is the Founder of the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC), representing over one hundred member institutions (industrial, academic, multilateral, and governmental) in the Americas. Among his numerous other accomplishments, Dr Jordan served as the IT Advisor to United Nations Latin American Ambassadors, and was bestowed with the Order of Rio Branco, in the rank of Officer, by the Brazilian Federal Congress and Brazilian President.

Additional information will be made available in future news releases.

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ABOUT SENSORCOMM TECHNOLOGIES: SensorComm’s IoT (Internet-of-Things) NOx monitoring system (Wi-NOx™) captures the real-time pollution footprint of vehicles and delivers operational efficiencies to transportation managers that include fuel savings, predictive maintenance and performance optimization.

​Wi-NOx™ monitors NOx emissions at the point of origin (vehicle tailpipe) where pollution enters the environment and operates independently of the vehicle. Applicability and impact testing for IoT pollution monitoring has been completed on four continents. Global rollout is underway. SensorComm is an Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance partner, and a Cisco® Solution Partner Program member. The Wi-NOx™ technology was developed in part through a grant from the National Science Foundation. Read SensorComm’s Forward-Looking Statement at:

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