About SensorComm Technologies, Inc.

SensorComm Technologies Inc. provides next-generation IoT solutions for transportation and healthcare.

Wi-NOx™ is SensorComm’s IoT-based NOx emissions monitoring system. Installed at the tailpipe, Wi-NOx™ provides transportation managers with real-time business intelligence by capturing the pollution footprint of vehicles. Operational efficiencies of up to 15% include fuel savings, predictive maintenance and performance optimization.

DATA-CENTRIC CARE™ Patients take an active role in their own healthcare by periodically monitoring their own vitals at home and have access to a remote clinician for consultation.

Bluetooth-enabled modalities transmit patient data (blood pressure, oxygen, temperature) to secure servers where proprietary data analytics and predictive modeling provide additional insight (trend analysis) into patient care (i.e. data intelligence) increasing the effectiveness of response.

Next-Generation IoT

Wi-NOx™ Mobile Pollution Monitoring
Data-Centric Care™
Data Analytics
Predictive Modeling
Direct Accountability