About SensorComm Technologies, Inc.

SensorComm Technologies Inc. (SCT), headquartered in Albuquerque, NM has developed a real-time IoT-based NOx emissions monitoring system called Wi-NOx™ that is installed at the tailpipe of vehicles for the transportation and smart city segments.

Wi-NOx™ is the cornerstone of a global pollution mitigation strategy that provides the unique ability to create alternative revenue sources for cities and municipalities.

The Wi-NOx™ system is designed for fleet, city and transportation managers who are investing in solutions that support operational efficiencies, cleaner air, lower healthcare costs and improved quality of life.

Wi-NOx™ identifies polluting vehicles, supports existing regulations, and establishes the foundation for future incentive programs, while enabling socially conscious smart cities and individuals to effectively practice sustainability.

IoT NOx Monitoring

IoT NOx Monitoring for Vehicles
Transportation/Smart Cities
Fleet/City/Transportation Managers